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The graph below shows electricity production in terawatt hours in france between 1980 and 2012. There follow general specimen sentences which may help you a great in elaborating terms systematically. It is clear that the proportion of elderly people increases in each country between 1940. In this academic ielts writing post, im providing all the ielts candidates around the world with some brandnew writing task 1 questions. Ielts task 1 describing changes and trends ielts task 1 working correctly with numbers. The line graph shows growth in the consumption of renewable energy during the period 19492008 in the usa. Line chart introduction and overview in todays post im going to write an introduction and overview for last weeks line chart question. In your ielts academic writing task 1, you will be given with one or more graphs i. There are also some tips given below to guide you and help you understand how to describe this type of graph. The line graph below shows radio and television audiences throughout the day in 1992. This isnt a rule, but its a good idea because it forces you to group the information, and this should improve the organisation and coherence of your report. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant.

How to write the 4 main complex sentence structures. The bar chart compares the amount of time spent by people in the uk on three different types of phone call between 1995 and 2002. Line graphs can be used to show how information or data change over time. On the following pages there are lessons to teach you how to write an academic ielts writing task 1. Line graphs are quite common in ielts writing task 1. The chart below shows the total number of minutes in billions of telephone call in the uk, divided into three categories, from 19952002. It is essential to show the examiner a range of different sentence structures in your writing task 1 for ielts. You must fill in the gaps to complete the model writing task 1. For example, you may be required to write a letter to an imaginary person such as a friend or a teacher, or. There are examples of all the different types of task which include line graphs, pie charts, tables, processes, diagrams and.

Heres my full answer for the phone calls bar chart in this lesson. The reading, writing and listening practice tests in have been designed to resemble the format of the ielts test as closely as possible. It uses line segments to connect data points and shows changes in data. The graph below shows uk acid rain emissions, measured in millions of tonnes, from four different sectors between 1990 and 2007. Use only official ielts material when doing practice tests as there is a lot of fake ielts material out there on the web. Summarise the information by selecting a reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. The graph below shows relative price changes for fresh fruits and vegetables, sugars and sweets, and carbonated drinks between 1978 and 2009. In this post we will look at how to write this type of essay, with structure help, vocabulary and sample answers. Ielts writing task 1 line graph essay 1 ielts achieve. In academic ielts writing task 1, you need to describe a visual usually one or more graphs, a process, a map or diagram in at least 150 words. This is the first section of your ielts writing test. If you have recently taken academic ielts test, you can share your writing task 1 question in. You might also be given a combination of a line graph. The graph below shows different sources of air pollutant in the uk from 1990 to 2005.

A line graph also known as line chart is a graphical presentation of data that changes over time. In this lesson, we will look at a model answer and an analysis. Writing task 1 line graph sample answer ielts advantage. You must prepare for all types of charts in academic writing task 1. It could be a bar chart, a line graph, maps, a table, a pie chart or a process diagram. Ielts writing task 1 graph vocabulary words attempt. Ielts academic writing task 1 model answer bar chart global sales of the top five mobile phone brands between 2009 and 20. The first thing to note is that renewable energy use more than doubled over the period, with particularly strong growth in biofuels. Occasionally you will have a diagram or a flow chart and will need to describe the stages of the. Ielts line graph and model answer, academic writing task 1. It is clear that w hile the consumption of both butter and margarine fell experienced a sharp fall over the period shown, there was a significant rise in the consumption of the other types. In this lesson you will learn how to describe a line graph in ielts academic writing task 1. Ielts academic writing task 1 charts and graphs ielts. In your writing, you need to group information based on lines having similar trends or values, so your essay structure will be as follows.

Ielts academic writing task 1 model answer bar graph estimated world literacy rates by region and by gender for year 2000. In this case, we are going to look at describing a line graph in ielts writing task 1 and the kind of grammar and vocabulary that is needed for this task. Sample answer ielts writing task 1 line graph 1 sample answer ielts writing about line graph 1 the graph below shows the proportion of the population aged 65 and over between 1940 and 2040 in three different countries. You will increase your writing band score in academic writing task 1 if you 1 mention all the major features of the statistics or charts 2 make sure you describe the statistics accurately 3 paraphrase the information in the question 4 avoid repeating the same words and phrases and try to vary the sentence structures you use 5 give an overview of the most important trends or. If you are preparing for the academic ielts or planning to take the test soon, practise those samples and submit a worth sharing answer in the comment section. How to describe a graph, diagram, chart or table mon, 20180430 16. Before you start learning how to describe line graphs in ielts task 1, it would be useful for you to study these articles first. Economist daily chart this is collection of current ielts bar graphs and bar charts, with descriptions. Ielts task 1 writing types of questions line graphs.

In next weeks post, well look at how to divide the body paragraphs. Ielts academic writing task 1 model answer line graph. Data blog similar to the economist but with a less economic focus and definitely more creative graphs. At first, this may be a daunting challenge, but with expert guidance and lots of practice, it can become quick, easy and almost fun. Ive made the following essay into a gapfill exercise. This isnt really a tough graph but, to be honest, its annoying. Here is an ielts line graph sample answer describing two lines. The following ielts academic writing task 1 questions are taken from recent ielts exams. Write a 150word report for a university lecturer identifying the main trends and making comparisons where relevant.

To write about graph is a technical way, you must be expert in it and you. Multiple bar charts are also common in task 1 writing. Here are my tips for describing line graph details. Ielts academic writing task 1 multiple charts and graphs. Here is a band 9 sample answer for you and question analysis. Sample ielts writing task 1 line chart ielts share. We know that most candidates are aiming to get at least 6.

In general task 1 of the writing module, a prompt poses a problem or describes a situation that requires a written response in letter format. When you explain the overall trend add the main feature and explain it. In your ielts academic writing task 1, you will be given with one or more graph s i. If you wish to learn more vocabulary for a line graph, follow the link. After writing your introduction and overview paragraphs, you need to describe the information in detail. Ielts writing task 1 sample percentage of people aged 65.

You will see the answer structure, tips, vocabulary and band 9 answer example. Ielts academic writing task 1 is a description task. Line graphs can be used when you are plotting data that have peaks ups and troughs downs. The line graph below shows the proportion of the population aged 65 and over between 1940 and 2040 in three different countries. Overall, fossil fuels have been the dominant type and will continue. The line graph compares how many grams of margarine, low fat and reduced spreads, and butter were consumed per person per day during the period 1981 to 2007. Below i have listed some useful links to learn about ielts line graphs.

If you are familiar with the content you can continue to the next section. Ielts academic writing task 1 how to describe a graph. Ielts writing task 1 academic line graph essay example that is a band score 8. Recent ielts writing task 1 with model answer line graph. Academic ielts writing task 1 course line graph created jan. Ielts writing task 1 line graph ielts materials and. The line graph shows energy consumption by fuel type in the united states from 19802008, with projected use until 2030. This line graph comes from cambridge ielts 11 academic.

Ielts academic writing task 1 line chart questions. In the example below, you have to compare changes in three fields average length of schooling, numbers of scientists and technicians, and spending on research and development in developed and developing countries between 1980 and 1990. In a line graph, there are usually multiple lines that show changes over time. Do not miss out any important details in your description and make sure you. Line graphs are very common in ielts academic task 1 writing. The ielts writing task 1 academic requires you to write a summary of at least 150 words in response to a particular graph bar graph, line graph or pie graph, table, bar charts, diagram, or process how something works, how something is done. This model line graph for ielts is estimated at band score 9. Ielts task 1 charts sample answer uk telephone calls. In the introduction part of the essay, you can paraphrase the question asked or the topic of the essay. This is an ielts writing task 1 sample answer based on a bar chart showing the consumption and production of electricity from the cambridge ielts book real past tests. In writing task 1, you may be asked to write about a chart, line graph, table or proportional bar chart there is a number of practice questions out there for you to try and perfect your answers in preparation for the academic ielts test. The question is the line graph below shows changes in the amount and type of fast food consumed by australian teenagers from 1975 to 2000.

How to tackle line graphs in ielts writing task 1 questions. The title given may help you with your first sentence, but try to use different words and dont just copy words from the question paper. In writing task 1 academic you need to write a report about one of the following. Ielts writing task 1 graph vocabulary words how to attempt paragraph for given graph in ielts writing task 1 academic. Use this sample writing as a template for structure, key features and language for any ielts line graph. It is clear that calls made via local, fixed lines were the most popular type, in terms of overall usage, throughout the period shown. Usually the xaxis shows the time period and the yaxis shows what is being measured. The guidelines below will help you structure your line graph answer and focus on the right aspects for a high score.

The model answer below is for ielts writing task 1 academic paper. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Academic ielts writing task 1 course line graph task 1. Here is a video from british council to explain about task achievement. A question on the ielts academic writing test that is becoming more common, asks the candidate to write about more than one chart or diagram you may have a pie chart and a table, a bar chart and a line graph, or any combination of charts. Click on the links below to access the pages to learn about line graphs. In this post, we will be looking at line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, useful vocabulary and describing changes over time. Ensure that each paragraph has the examples that are percentage or the numbers to support the sentence written as an explanation. You will be given a line graph, a bar chart, a pie chart, or a table, and you are tested on your ability to interpret the information that is presented in it and describe this in your own words. In this lesson well look at an ielts task 1 line graph in order to help you understand how to deal with age groups and to show you how it is possible to organize an answer in different ways.

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