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How to migrate progress openedge database to microsoft sql server. Tex texin will be presenting at the 22nd international unicode conference in september in. Tex will also be speaking on unicode, internationalizing ui, and preventing text corruption on the world wide web at the progress software u. Tex texin is an industry thought leader specializing in business and software globalization services.

We are experts in unicode, doublebyte encodings, character set conversion, algorithms for efficient text processing, righttoleft language design, and providing support for all locales. Author bio tex texin is an industry thought leader specializing in business and software globalization services. Tex texin, chief globalization architect, xencraft. Assess progress 4glbased clientserver application for european and asian markets. The use of w3c standards in denmark part ii next in thread.

Up to four projects may be active concurrently for free. Tex texin business profile object management group inc. Tex texin xencraft and yves savourel enlaso corporation given at each of. In this interactive session, tex texin, chief globalization officer at. Even though the internationalization community has made great progress towards more, and more uniform. Chief globalization architect, xencraft can result in legal action, penalties and even expulsion from a market. Tex texin, xencraft tex texin has been providing globalization services including architecture, strategy, training, and implementation to the software industry for many years. Send staff that are involved in either unicodeenabling software, or internationalization of software and the internet, including. One of the best text to speech software tools the market has to offer, particularly useful for elearning purposes, with many compatible formats, languages and voice properties immense variety of voices more than 70 voices and 30 languages with additional voice mood range as well as voice frequency to indicate sadness, happiness, whispering or screaming. Joseph andrews at progress software corporation contact. Prgs is a global software company that simplifies the development, deployment and management of business applications onpremise or on any cloud, on any platform and on any device with minimal it complexity and low total cost of ownership.

View tex texin s business profile as advocate for internationalization standards in software at object management group inc. Tex texin, chief globalization architect at rearden commerce, has been providing globalization services including architecture, strategy, training and implementation to the. I have been involved in internationalization for more than a decade as an engineer, development manager and product manager. Give each document an abstract a few paragraphs at most that summarizes what the document is about. Misha wolf, leslie daigle, makoto murata, tex texin, bjoern hoehrmann, dan oscarson, and many others for help with. Beginners might want to first look at my brief introduction to tex. Tex has created numerous globalized products, managed internationalization development teams, developed internationalization and localization tools, and guided companies. Lyx is a structured wysiwyglike document processor which uses latex as a back end. It can print the results directly on the command line or store them in a report file. The recipient of text data is the software module that receives the data. I have been responsible for the development and localization of international products, as well.

The i18n guy web site is about regional and cultural differences, internationalization i18n, localization l10n, globalization g11n, translation and software engineering. For systems other than windows, you might start with tex live. International components for unicode list icudesign. The latter is an editor that provides a front end to the distribution. At the end of this class, software developers and managers will use the i18n. Xencraft enhances software and web applications so that they can be used in markets anywhere in the world. Tex texin is the director for international products at progress software corporation. Xencraft provides internationalization consulting and training services, specializing in supporting the progress software application market. The former is a distribution of tex that includes a bunch of packages as well as the executables latex. David benson at progress software corporation contact. Tex texin progress software ken whistler sybase ed hart johns hopkins university convenor. It can also be used to simply launch the target application see general for details and later attach with nvidia nsight compute or another nvnsightcucli instance. The principal objective in this public access knowledgebase is to promote and enable the use of open, interoperable standards.

Tex texin there are many requirements to create a high quality global application that customers value. This textblock has the width of the full control and clip set to the width of the progress part. Xencraft internationalization and localization consulting. This document defines some conformance requirements for software. Tex specializes in creating software for international markets, particularly asian markets. Well continue to update this page as we make more progress, so please. Tex texin until dec 2004 while an invited expert, and before at progress software fitzchivalry farseer until oct 2005 while at anycompany, and before at thiscompany, and at thatcompany abstract.

Calling tex texin, we need some research into the matter of pocket sizes. Unicode organization includes charts, updates, listserv and more. This document contains information relevant to xml and unicode and is part of the cover pages resource. If i had the problem, i would contact tex texin at. I do recall thai being one of the supported languages as i seem to remember that it is an example of a language in which one must take account of two characters in order to achieve the correct sort and this being something progress did quite. Nvidia nsight compute cli nvnsightcucli provides a noninteractive way to profile applications from the command line. Software localization qa and functional testing wordbee. Tex has extensive handson management experience building international teams, shepherding projects to completion and has a proven track record creating successful. Past events sf globalization san francisco, ca meetup. Software architect experienced in isam and relational database internals, word. His consulting company, xencraft, provides global product strategy, unicode and internationalization.

Deliver training for internationalizing web applications to software development organization. The cover pages is a comprehensive webaccessible reference collection supporting the sgmlxml family of meta markup language standards and their application. Find contacts direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. One basic prerequisite to achieve this goal is to be able to transmit and process the characters used around the world in a well. Xencraft and able innovations globalize progress applications. Twentyfirst international unicode conference conference. Standards and practice tex texin, director, international business. Top 10 text to speech tts software for elearning 2017. Tex texin and his team at xencraft did a fabulous job on two software internationalization projects. Xencraft resources for progress software 4gl and rdbms. To achieve interoperability on data that includes date and time values, software developers often look to iso 8601, the relevant iso standard, as a guide for implementation. Having worked for companies like yahoo, netapp or progress software, tex has more than 20 years of experience in the field of software. My windowsbased medical device was not originally developed with foreign markets in mind. Progress software, bedford ma company profile bizstanding.

The use of w3c standards in denmark part ii in reply to. Members of my department may also want to look at how to use tex on our departments unix computers. Mike mckenna two of the industrys seasoned experts. Online resources for globalization, internationalization, and. This interim publication is used to document the further progress. Tex has created numerous globalize products, managed internationalization development teams, developed internationalization and. Tex has created numerous global products, built internationalization development teams, designed best practices, and guided companies in taking business to new regional markets. What is your experience in the areas covered by the workshop scope. Nineteenth international unicode conference abstract. Tex free tex software available for windows computers version of 22 aug 08. Xencraft is a consulting firm specializing in software globalization. Here is one way to do it using a modified version of the progressbars default template.

This architectural specification provides authors of specifications, software developers, and content developers with a common reference for. His expertise includes global product strategy, unicode and internationalization architecture, and costeffective implementation and testing. Aida gomez at progress software corporation contact. Although many software packages support unicode, not all of them do. Tex texin has been providing globalization services including architecture, strategy, training, and implementation to the software industry for many years. Seventeenth international unicode conference biography. Tex will also explain why these values trigger problems. Speech synthesis markup language specification for the speech interface framework.

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