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As former sports officials, we know how important it is to have an efficient, simple way to assign games to referees and umpires. If you have never logged in to this website, please contact your assignor to obtain login information. Our system provides youth leagues, adult leagues, youth associations and officials associations the ability to manage their leagues, assigning officials or both for all major sports including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey and softball. Become a referee eastern pennsylvania referee program. Please click on the links to the left for support information.

United futbol academy ufa mission is to provide soccer players of all ages the appropriate level of play and training in a supportive environment where skills for soccer are developed alongside skills for life. Regardless of the size of your organization or club, we will be able to tailor our services to meet your needs, that is a guarantee. Login to your assignor account and go to referee tab then events in the black menu bar, and. Referees eastern new york youth soccer association.

All assignor and referee accounts that are created by assignors or referees will be rejected. The tworef system revisited 09302014 soccer america. This agreement is made between the rochester district youth soccer league rdysl, the league, bill bianchi, lead assignor, on behalf of the day assignors for the term of. Page 1 of 6 20 assignor service contract this agreement is made between the rochester district youth soccer league rdysl, the league, bill bianchi, lead assignor, on behalf of the day assignors for the term of. Paul tamberino staff directory metro atlantic athletic conference. It is the referee s responsibility to contact an assignor in order to receive game assignments. You will be given a list of the local assignors either during or immediately after the referee course. If you have questions, please email them to assignor.

We offer the leading officials assigning software tools for all major sports organizations. Our software gives assignors greater control over their assignments. Assign games to referees, manage notifications, billingpayroll, text messaging, and much more. Are you looking to referee youth soccer matches in the treasure valley of idaho.

For students already registered for the grade 8 entry level referee course classroom, field, and online testing session, below are the instructions you will need to complete the testing portion of the course. Receive the roster of referees from the outgoing referee assignor. Assignor faq massachusetts state referee committee. Our professionalism and passion for success will stand out above any other assignor organization.

Remind them at start of season to check player cards but to give a month of leniency. Soccer registration software and tournament management software powered by. Referee game fees are set through negotiations with each league. Referee assignors eastern pennsylvania referee program. Assignors service leagues and tournaments at a variety of competitive levels. In 201516, 32 referees associated with the big east and acc were. Complete online assigning solution used to assign officials for team sports for recreational, high school, intramural, and college collegiate levels. This agreement made between the wayne finger lakes youth soccer league wflysl, the league, shawn cummings, assignor for the term of 512014 through 12312014. Our goal is to promote the game of soccer by providing a positive learning atmosphere, where players can achieve their full potential in the development of their technical.

Mat assigning soccer referee management minneapolis. Below is a list of many of these assignors in maryland. How do referee assignors link to an event a referee assignor account is independent, allowing an assignor to work for multiple leagues and tournaments. If you have any questions about the concorde fire referee program, please. I have had the pleasure of working with matt as he stepped into the referee assignor role for our club on very short notice. Mat assigning soccer referee management minneapolis minnesota. Our clients love how stressfree assignr is and appreciate the fact that we know how to play the game, giving them the winning edge. For questions regarding referees or reffing for our tournaments, please contact our referee assignor. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact the state assignor coordinator. We offer the highest quality of assigning software, a comprehensive website that links the referee to your club and leagues. We have marked each assignor with the types of games they assign. The referee assigning module has given me the ability to assign games with ease and accuracy, says steve brink, the administrator for assignors in indiana soccer and himself an assignor. An assignor has to open their own account and then link it to your event.

It is very important that all matches have a referee. Assigning solutions is equipped to offer several standard and additional services for your club, league andor tournament. I have had the pleasure of working with matt as he stepped into the referee assignor role for our. Designed for soccer, baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, rugby, and hockey. The idaho assignor contracts with several different leagues in southwest idaho to provide referee services. Assistant referees ars must be trained and certified by the illinois state referee committee. Washington state referee committee wasrc compared to ussf 20731. Assignor software will benefit the assignor, league, team, and officialsreferees. Referees also need all black shorts, black socks with three white stripes, a set of flags, a whistle, a referee wallet with redyellow cards, and a velcro patch for your badge and black shoes. National federation of high schools nisoa futsal major arena soccer league. This powerful yet simple system enables you to set up your leagues and referees in minutes. Assignors join now and start making your assignments online today. Got soccer has many options and functions since it is used by multiple state. Seeking a referee assignor coordinator for your club, league, or tournament.

Failure to do this will result in a fine imposed on the assignor equal to the referee fee for that age. For 14 years, mat assigning has provided exceptional service and dedication to minnesotas most established and premier soccer clubs. The club is responsible for coordinating all referees for the recreation program and the assistant referees ar for all home games in the competitive program. The ircs advanced referee program arp is a select group of the most promising referees in iowa. I can quickly see the availability of my referees and notify them of assignments. It is the referees responsibility to contact an assignor in order to receive game assignments. Please make sure they know your level of experience. You must be proactive and contact assignors in your area and let them know you are available for games. Supervisor of officials, mens basketball return to staff. To become a certified assignor, one must complete the ussf grade 8 assignor course, pass the written test, and pass a background check.

The eastern new york youth soccer association supports the eny soccer referee association in. Youth and adult games sanctioned by united states soccer federation must be assigned by ussf licensed assignors. With much of the united states playing high school soccer during the fall, nows a good time to revisit this antiquated system. Baseball,basketball,football,hockey,lacrosse, soccer,softball.

This is a powerful and easytouse web based application was designed specifically to help assignors make referee assigning more efficient. Thank you for your interest in becoming a united states soccer federation referee in eastern pennsylvania. If you have previously logged into this site, you can reset your password. They must renew their certification on an annual basis. Most of the current referee game fees were originally negotiated by the southwest idaho soccer referee. Baseball,basketball,football,hockey,lacrosse,soccer,softball. Based on the struggles we saw as officials, we decided to create our own software that would make the whole process effortless.

If you have previously logged into this site, you can reset. Create an environment where collegiate soccer referees can improve their officiating skills through continuous quality training by offering numerous. We provide a full suite of tools for conferences to manage everything. Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions regarding assignor related processes. Roger east joined the select group of officials in 20 after a successful spell as a football league referee. Be prepared to let your assignor know why you cannot fulfill the assignment you have already accepted. For questions about the quality of your assignments, referee ranking, or to request an assessment. Assignors assistant, umpire and referee assigning software. Tim carterdirector of soccer, shattuckst marys soccer academy.

The lead assignor will bill each rdysl club for payment of the. Referee schedule is your online source for referee scheduling and assigning. How do referee assignors link to an event gotsoccer. Webbased referee scheduling and assigning software. Students that need to start or resume the testing portion of the grade 8 entry level course must first enter their account within. Officials will be assigned two per room and should advise the assignor if a room is needed well in advance of the tournament. Welcome to eastern new york soccer referee association. Kalonji soccer aca harmony grove, bryson peachtree ridge peachtree ridge park the soccer season starts spring mar 4 th and fall sept 9 th.

Referee assigning software software that allows assignors to spend more time scheduling assigning referees. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive newsletter and marketing emails from heartland soccer association. While our focus is on youth, high school and rec league sports, we also have a number of professional teams that took advantage of our free trial offer and immediately recognized its many advantages. Idaho assignor soccer referee assigning in southwest idaho. Before usa will grant assignor access, usa will verify that the assignor is fsr certified and has an approved rm status. The following assignor list is for referees looking for game assignments. Easily assign umpires and referees to games from availability list. If you have been scheduled to referee matches and you have accepted the assignment, you must call your assignor if for any reason you cannot be at your matchesas soon as possible.

Paul tamberino began serving at the coordinate of soccer officials for the. The wiltshire fa official, who has been on the national list since 2006, was an assistant referee at the 2004 fa cup final and 2006 fa community shield before stepping into the middle for the 200607 campaign. The state assignment coordinator is responsible for coordinating the referee assignments made by assignors and overseeing the assignment needs of the state referee association. The illinois youth soccer association maintains a website with information on training clinics that all ars must take annually to remain certified. All referees will list fysa as their primary assignor. A league or tournament would create a schedule and send an excel version to the assignor, and would have no way of. Campton united provides assistant referees linesmenwomen for all home games of u10 and older. At the start of each season send the league schedule to the referees. Matt is a very reliable resource for assigning our referees. Local assignment coordinators for professional matches are selected by the u.

State director of assignment kentucky soccer referee. Our platform is the only one that was built from the ground up for college. Referee assignor contact a referee assignor directly. The referee game fees agreements with each league are different. Any traveling referee not at the referee checkinmeeting prior to the start of the tournament will have their room cancelled. Our platform is the only one that was built from the ground up for college athletics. How to referee for ela soccer club the club is responsible for coordinating all referees for the recreation program and the assistant referees ar for all home games in the competitive program. A referee account is separate from an assignor account so if you are both an assignor and a referee you will need to have two accounts.

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