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This publication is designed to be a onestop resource for economic indicators. November monthly market outlook 1 global sovereign bonds after the us election, bond yields globally have increased significantly. Lower natural gas prices was the primary contributor to this decrease because natural gas fueled units are typically redispatched to manage network flows. The quarterly market outlook offers our perspective on recent activity in the capital markets. How latin america and the caribbean can benefit from the us shale boom 3 however, the nearterm outlook for global lng markets, and us lng exports in particular, is less favorable than previous estimates suggested. That outlook would only become rosier if the trump administration is successful in lowering taxes especially corporate taxes. Maldives page 2 the republic of maldives has approximately 1,192 inhabited and uninhabited islands, with the nation spread in. Today, i release my 2015 outlook for the global stock markets. Office of economic analysis economic and revenue outlook. In midnovember the isa daily price for raw sugar was as high as 19. Jack suyderhoud, professor of business economics, shidler college of business, university of hawaii at manoa and economic adviser to first hawaiian bank. Quarterly market outlook international sugar organization. December monthly market outlook 1 us monetary conditions the us federal reserve hiked the fed funds rate by 0. Global market outlook trends in real estate private equity.

May 2015 may 14th, 2015 oregon office of economic analysis mark mcmullen josh lehner. Granted, premiums are skewed by artificially low rates, but that is not likely to change materially in the first half of the year, keeping us overweight equities versus bonds. Cowcalf producers can keep smiling at anticipated calf prices in 2015. Crops cattle stock market takeaways production fundamentals, weather valid for january 15 april 30, 2015 released january 15, 2015 depictslargescale trendsbased on subjectively derived probabilities guided by short and longrange statisticaland dynamicalforecasts. The following are the key points in gs note along with its latest forecasts for eurusd and usdjpy. Eurusd, usdjpy goldman sachs based on fxnews article goldman sachs updates its outlook on eurusd and usdjpy noticing that the latest messages form the ecb and boj seem to be lost in translation. Monthly market outlook september 2015 in the three months to 31st august 2015 equity and commodity prices fell. We offer relevant and highly efficient business oriented solutions to enable our clients to deliiver better and efficient results. The date of completion is the 28th of november 2016. Choose the most likely scenario given current high market valuations valuations rise even further due to expectations that the economy will experience breakout growth that causes corporate earnings to rise faster than stock prices. Defensive investments outperformed for all of 2015 and the first half. I think 2015 will be a year of growth for the worlds economies.

Bond yields have been edging higher against the backdrop of higher inflation expectations, limited effectiveness of monetary policy by central banks and increased acknowledgement of fiscal spending to stimulate growth. Since our last outlook in november world sugar market values have drifted downwards on the back of a generally bearish global fundamental outlook for 2012. It remains, however, well above a seemingly critical level of 40 % seen in 200910, which coincided with a surge in world market values. The us economy is likely headed toward peak rates of growth. Australian crops are unknown and us crops are deteriorating. This is market outlook 432017 by total mortgage on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. A larger than previously expected global deficit indicates a fundamental move towards a reduction in global stocks which are still overhanging the market. The 0 % rate is restricted to the first eur 50 000 of the original market value of. Our longerterm bullish stance regarding us stocks remains firmly intact. Do not let volatility in stocks let you lose focus on longerterm strategies and goals.

The best part of the 2016 investment landscape is that it looks just like last year. All measurements are calculated using seasonally adjusted data, and percentage changes are calculated month over month, unless stated otherwise. There is however a broad proposal to lower the tax rate for smaller companies. The views presented in this publication are based on data from sources we consider to be reliable. A significant problem in one or more major exporting countries would see stocks back to 20 levels. Market summary and outlook july 2011 page 2 of 8 see last page for important risk disclosures.

The us federal reserve has continued to hike rates despite the shortfall. Our team has extensive experience in a variety of industries, and focuses on building longterm partnerships with our clients. Our market outlook for 2015 on balance, equities in canada and the us still look attractive relative to bonds as the equity risk premiums remain above historical averages. Coming into this year, we argued that if the fed had to cut rates in 2020 after providing 75 basis points of easing in 2019, it would be a sign of economic difficulty. The opinions expressed herein are those of morningstar investment services, are as of the date written and are subject to. Tax collection as % of gdp both gst implementation and curbing the black money will boost the tax buoyancy for the government in the longrun fiscal health of the economy will definitely see an improvement due to both these measures of gst implementation and. Knapp, cfa managing principal investment consulting mca1197322. See and search our comprehensive research from north and latin america, the caribbean, africa, europe and the middle east. The outlook 2017 is a publication of raboresearch of rabobank and a coproduction with financial markets research. Crops cattle stock market takeaways production fundamentals, corn price dr.

All products see our granular analysis from around the world and access fitch solutions reports and insights by region and country. Outlook for the texas economy summarizes significant state economic activity and trends. On the proceeds of dutch interest or dutch redeemable bonds, no taxes are withheld. All major exporters will have reduced ending stocks apart from the us and australia.

Inflation continues to remain below the feds target of 2% but is expected to stabilize around 2% in the medium term. Get to know pwcs leadership, keep up with our latest news, and find the regional contact person you need. The wide government revenue gap will be funded by nonoil taxes and borrowing. Energy working paper september 2015 natural gas market outlook. The government has announced a range of measures to curtail imports, including.

Taxoutlook is a taxation management and consulting company offering comprehensive range of business solutions to a wide range of industries. Inflation data to 31 march 2015 for australia, 30 april 2015 for us and eu. Download pdf about economic and financial market outlook. Improving tax compliance, by investing in tax administration, would help fund infrastructure and social outlays. Eye on the market michael cembalest outlook 2017 january 1, 2017 3 eye on the market michael cembalest outlook 2017 january 1, 2017 3 we had a single digit portfolio return view for 2015 and 2016 which is how things turned out, and were extending that view to 2017 as well. This means we can use the lessons learned from 2015 to carve out extra stock market profits. The tight labour market causes upward pressure on wages. The prudent speculators 2014 market outlook forbes. Background the shortterm markets outlook provides performance scenarios for canadas major travel markets. New energy outlook 2019 bloomberg new energy finance. Crops cattle stock market takeaways market outlook 2015. The edward jones investment policy committee offers its viewpoints on the u. As financial advisors meet with their clients at or around the beginning of the new year, they should be mindful of these economic and market trends.

The sharp decline in the price of oil is leading inflation low. An indepth analysis of the key drivers of economic activity in canada and the us including a discussion of global factors that will affect these near term forecasts. The bdo tax outlook study of tax directors is a national telephone survey conducted by market measurement, inc. This can be seen in the us and europe and many other regions. Its going to be a tough year for value, growth and dividend investors but there are opportunities for those who know where to look. Focused on the electricity system, our new energy outlook neo combines the expertise of over 65 market and technology specialists in 12 countries to provide. When it comes to financial reporting for income taxes, 35 percent of tax directors cite avoiding material misstatements of income taxes as most challenging to their organizations, followed by meeting deadlines for interim and annual income tax. Market outlook seal pelts fur and leather the markets for pelts were good in 1996 and 1997, but the movement of pelts slowed in 1998 and some remained in inventory at the end of 1998. Steve amosson regents fellow professor and extension economist 2015 market outlook overview. World market prices have shown a downswing since our previous quarterly market outlook in november, despite expectations for the world sugar balance to return to a deficit in 201516 after five seasons of surplus. William gale and andrew samwick examine how income tax changes can affect longterm economic growth and find that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no guarantee that tax rate cuts or tax. Our unique demographic forecasts and scenariobased economic planning applications provide objective insights to support market and product planning. Emerging market equities showed a negative return of 17. At lpl research, as we look forward to the year 2020 and a new decade, some key trends and market signals will be important to watch, including progress on u.

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